And here comes another one of those overdue posts.

I customised this pretty pair of purple felt shoes for my friend Nivedita. I don’t think I’ve mentioned her before, have I? She has been my faithful sidekick  friend for many years now, 20 years to be precise and we’ve been through it all- sickness and health, good times and bad, and joy as well as sorrow. (Wedding vows?! -_- )

Anyway, back to the shoes. We went for a friend’s wedding in Bombay and what better excuse to shop? Wound up buying a whole bunch of things, including but not limited to, a pair of purple felt shoes… each. She contributed some old, unused charms and I some gems from my tweenage bedazzle kit which I went on the shoes and ta~da!

Untitled-2Items you’ll need:
A pair of shoes in your favorite color
Charms/ Pendants
Metal studs and Crystals
Strong adhesive/ hot glue gun
Tailor’s chalk

How to:
With the tailor’s chalk, mark where you want all your embellishments to go on the shoes. Glue away!



Shifting Skylines

I’m back. Again. Shamelessly trying to rebound onto the bloggers’ bandwagon. I feel like a tarnished relic right now. Well, what do you expect? The last 1 year, 8 months and 16 days saw me

  1. Land a fantastic job as a visual merchandiser.
  2. Get myself engaged to a gem of a man,
  3. And subsequently get married to. (Dreamy sighs)
  4. Travel around. (I love travelling and so does he!)
  5. Relocate to NYC (yea, NYC!!!)
  6. Figure out the annoyingly confusing subway routes. (I can’t call it the “tube” anymore :(..) (And what used to be /ɹuːt/, is now /ɹaʊt/).
  7. Travel around. (I got to visit Disneyland And the Niagara within a span of 3 weeks! The two are basically 3 Time-zones away for those who don’t know). A husband who acknowledges that I ain’t a diamonds and champagne kinda girl and instead spoils me with fun and bold experiences is most definitely a keeper! Don’t you agree? Life Is a chunky string of experiences after all.
  8. Work one cool internship.
  9. Work another super internship.
  10. And Finally sit down to write here.

Yes, life has been fine and dandy.
So here’s a neat piece as a toast to a fresh take, a new start to all of life’s wonderful beginnings.

The sari might be older than jeans or denim itself, but like all other things in life, there come crossroads in fashion too. Crossroads where fashionistas meet the fashionably challenged; fashion fumbles meet fashion hits and where East meets West. The turn of the century experienced whole saris of denim which turned out so tacky and with a drape so anomalous that the Indians turned their normally cordial noses, up at them. Lesson learned, the sari remained a sari till a few years ago, when designers mustered enough courage to amuse themselves again. This time, they succeeded. It was all about Layering saris over jeans. Have the best of both worlds doh.

Anyway, the concoction was a rage on the ramps and the nation lapped it up promptly but with no doubt, in good taste.

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Dear Diary,

Nope, I’m not gonna write about the Met Ball. There was so much bling and metal and sparkly fairy dust over everything human, that I was instantly blinded and remained so for some hurting minutes later.

So I decided to take a break from all the brazen craze and turned my attention (very easily; I’m distracted with hardly any effort) to… Writing in my new diary!

Dear Diary,
Here’s my lil black book (Not literally)- pockmarked, dog-eared and tattered.

It served me for two faithful years with many a page ripped out and many a doodle embroidering its edges. It travelled to the far corners of England with me and is now bursting at the seams with contacts, plans, flags, ticket numbers, thoughts, ideas, memories, reminders and sketches aplenty.

This page for instance, holds a list of names being deliberated with Vick Krish, prior to the baptism of this blog! Presently, the time has come for it to be stashed away safe in a nosey- kids- and- parents- free zone.

Now you’re here, my brand new, dress- form inspired jotter!

I’m sure you would’ve seen yourself in a mirror sometime… No? OK then, I’ll describe you… To you.
Your hard-cover features very charming vintage textile prints by Betty Anderson, an artist of the Big Apple itself, NYC. Your pages of a salmon flush are having their first scribbles, and I think I’m unconsciously in the fear of spoiling your innocent beauty.

Meet my miniature zori bookmark, one of my birthday presents from friends and my favourite from my eclectic yet limited collection of leather, fabric, brass, silver, wood and card bookmarks. I fell more in love with it when I realised what a perfect complement it is to you and I hope you like each other and stay together, watching out for each other forever and ever. (Arite, I got carried away. Just till you run out of pages should do).

Can’t wait to pen more stuff onto you!


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WMD, Meera Reddy

WMD: Pronunciation:/dʌbljuːɛmˈdiː/


Women of mass destruction.

An ode to all those ladies who could shoot you down with their killer style quotients. To those who pass you like a puff of fresh air, brightening up your day and many days after. To those who make you turn around for a second glance and consequently drive you to ogle at them shamelessly. If looks could kill, then they’d have you down in minutes. No scratch that. Seconds is all they need. I proudly present to you a bunch of my friends who live up to being WMD everyday of their lives. Here’s one of them.

“I never saw so many colors on one girl before…

…but you looked like you belonged out there, all right.

You and all your colors.” – P.S.: I Love You

(I could actually hear the Butler’s sexy make-the-ladies-swoon Irish lilt, reading it as I typed!!!)

Meera Reddy, these lines have been imprinted in the historical profundity of Hollywood for no one but you, our Peacock, as Sharada so lovingly puts it!

For those who don’t know Meera, allow me to elaborate. All she would’ve be doing would be washing up last night’s dishes or simply lounging around catching a bit of her fav program (would prolly be One Tree Hill or Gossip Girls or Sherlock) on telly or just picking me up from the hairdressers. Only that, everything she does, she does with style that reads- all dressed up, complete with complementing hair accessories! A style that has colors splashed all over, they could jar and yet… they harmonize.

Meera loves trying out something new so you can never really tie her to any one style (other than the colors that is. But don’t let that get you thinking she doesn’t have her sober days too, which are equally charming!) She understandably can’t stand the wannabes who like to do something different just cos then they’d be um… different.

And didya notice her hair streaks change with every photo? Didya? Didya? I heart!

… And Its a Wrap!

To those who were expecting this post (I’m guessing it was just Bavane), yeah I know. It has taken a journey too long to just arrive. It’s here now and that’s as good as it can get, right? It’s all about being pressed for time when you hardly have the time you should have, to do everything that you should do every day. (I hope you got that at the first read) And does that read no time for manicures? Or even for a basic coat of nail varnish?
Don’t despair, nail wraps are here!
And what may they be? They’re the latest and best way to tart up your nails with designs as on-trend as the latest S/S 2012 line of Diane Von Furstenberg. They get my thumbs up just because,

  1. Beyonce wears them!
  2. Wrapped fingers stay for about a week while the ones on your tootsies can stay for nearly 8 weeks!
  3. You get to parade designs on your digits that nail art can’t mimic.
  4. Continuing with that, you get your fav embellishments on, in under 15 minutes while nail art takes…. A back- breaking forever!
  5. Did I mention? Beyonce wears them!
  6. Tartans, polka dots, stripes, animal prints, metallics, stars, hearts, abstracts. Nail wraps have them all!
  7. They don’t chip, they don’t stain.

Bavane played the role of informer about these pretties and also graciously gave in to being my hand model and photographed her nails after some cooing and cajoling. Ok, a lot of pestering, to be honest.

Umm and I don’t think you get the wraps in Indian stores yet. You do get them online though. So don’t kill me.

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WMD, Amy Purfield- Clark

WMD: Pronunciation:/dʌbljuːɛmˈdiː/


            Women of mass destruction.

An ode to all those ladies who could shoot you down with their killer style quotients. To those who pass you like a puff of fresh air, brightening up your day and many days after. To those who make you turn around for a second glance and consequently drive you to ogle at them shamelessly. If looks could kill, then they’d have you down in minutes. No scratch that. Seconds is all they need. I proudly present to you a bunch of my friends who live up to being WMD everyday of their lives. Here’s one of them.

Ever had one of those random people who flitted into your life to do you all the timely good that you need and just as smoothly fly out once their guardian angel work is over? Amy Purfield Clark of Vintage Reflection, is one such fine soul who besides helping me with various fashion travails (read: creating a Vintage Convert) and helping me start this very blog, also taught me I could wear the sunniest floral for winter and the dullest grey for summer with head held high and without having to come under the critical nose of the fashion police.

Fittingly titled “The Vintage Goddess”, (yea I call her that) Amy loves mixing it up with elements of our modern world which is why one day you’d see her having a mooch around in a thrift store and an another day at Topshop/ Urban Outfitters/ H&M. Normally, a fall-in-love-at-first-sight person (did that happen with Dave? (wink)..) she’s trying a nouvelle approach now, of waiting to see if she can’t get her mind off those oh-so-Americana-vintage cat’s eye sunglasses and then scoots back to buy them! I guess this is a  must-hear idea for all the shopaholics out there like me!

A few photos of the lovely lady herself working her granny chic look.

Images courtesy: Vintage Reflection

For more brilliant photos on chic looks, catch Amy at Vintage Reflection.

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It’s Spring! Smile :)

I can remember my last two Springs in England. Flamboyant splashes of color litter hedges, sidewalks, parks and trees. While days get longer with the sun awakening to beam down on its people. When people actually look cheerful getting out of their cozy beds in the early hours to rush to offices and schools and universities. When their bulky coats and scarves and boots in quadruple layers gracefully give way to more compact cardigans and breezy stoles and sandals. That time of the year that makes you smile a smile, that comes from the heart ‘cos you know Spring is here and it’s here to stick around for a while.

Kate Middleton has set the perfect start, welcoming Spring with a fine dose of goodness. She made her first ever public speech today, at the opening of the Treehouse Children’s Hospice in Ipswich, England. The Duchess turned up, fresh as the first daisy of Spring, in a striking cobalt blue coat-dress. Don’t we all know by now, of her undying love affair with coat-dresses? But, two daring moves from her side:

  1. That bold color she wore, that made everyone want to turn their backs on their monotonously coloured wardrobes and splurrrrge to start afresh.
  2. That Reiss dress Kate had on, has already been worn by her mother to Ascot! Now this, had everyone wanting to raid their moms’ wardrobes for some hidden away gem of an outfit.

All in all, very elegant, very chic. A high-five to the Duchess for being gutsy and taking “family swishing” (as quoted by Mirror) to a whole new level!

(Kate Middleton’s pictures courtesy: Styleite)

I just had to add Google’s latest doodle for Spring Equinox by Marimekko, a Finnish fabrics and fashion company titled very simply, “First Day of Spring”. How quaint is it?

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A nippy little post that takes me back to the time gone by in my big, cluttered room in Birmingham when many of my posts were published at night, sipping on a hot mug of cocoa snuggled comfortably under my lovely warm bed-covers; when my days saw me getting all dressed up, even if it just meant a quick visit to the supermarket to buy a pint of milk and a loaf of bread; and when all those times I stood tapping my chin and speculating which pair of shoes would go best with my outfit. Memories..

Wait. You don’t see the reason for my pondering, do you? Well then, have a look at this snap here. It was a hurried pic when I was packing up to leave to India, so don’t mind the composition and lighting and any other photographic technicalities.


Yep, I was the proud owner of all that footwear! Too bad I couldn’t bring them all back with me. In my defence, c’mon, I’m a woman!

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Winners Or Not, Its All About Their Threads

So the Oscars came and the Oscars went. And with them, came a bevy of stars in designs of fluttering silk, chiffon, velvet and organza that fill your dreams for nights on end and leave you aching for them like forever. Atleast for me they do ‘cos even if I tried, the most I could afford out of, say Tina Fey’s dress would be the dainty velvet band that hugs her waist. Anyway since I’m made of lusting material being a woman and a fashion loving one And an unaffordable designer-loving one at that, I’m just gonna show you what I think were some of the finest threads you could see at the 84th Academy Awards.

Since I just mentioned Fey, I think she deserves to go first because her dress was the most swoon-worthy. The actress looked ravishing in the only Carolina Herrera of the night (she was the Chosen One!) and the dress fit her like a dream. The detailing was minimal yet appealing.

Penelope Cruz, the gorgeous Spanish enchantress floated around in a dreamy gray Armani Prive number and brilliant Chopards on her ears, delicate neck and wrist. Pretty, yes; but just another garb of this season.

It seemed like a robust contest between Cameron Diaz’s Tiffany & Co million dollar rocks and  her million watt smile, when she shared a quick giggle with JLo onstage, that her  elegant Gucci dress seemed to pale in comparison!

Diaz’s co-presenter Jennifer Lopez took statuesque to a whole new level in her beautifully beaded and well-crafted, taupe Zuhair Murad number. A little OTT, but say it or not, the Oscars are all about the who’s- who and their dresses.

I loved Bo Derek’s dress just for the simplicity of it all, the clean lines and of course the most in-your-face factor, my favorite color Purple!

The big, floppy bow at her neck only heightened her charm when she announced that it was the first time she’d been asked to present an award, much to the mock chagrin of co-presenter Ben Stiller. Emma Stone was all of cuteness and more, like a cherry on your favourite cake, in her crimson Giambattista Valli Haute Couture resplendent gown. It was lovely to see how well the red of her dress worked with the red carpet!

Judy Greer proved herself to be in the loop with all the latest “It” styles, looking killer in a Monique Lhuillier. Who would’ve ever dreamt of passing off a sport luxe trend on the red carpet? Definitely a welcome change from all the breezy pastels flitting around this season.

Sandra Bullock claims she takes an eternity to pick out a dress for herself, but if the results are going to be as stunning as that night at the Oscars, take your time sweetie, we ain’t complaining. She glowed in a black, white and gold Marchesa gown that was just plain oh-so-loveliness!

Gwyneth Paltrow paired fashion with practicality and what do we get? A pristine white Tom Ford dress and a cape, to keep the bite of the chill from getting to her. The construction of the cape is simple yet amazing, its power shoulders making you sit up and take notice. It also makes men obey you, like she demonstrated with Robert Downing Jr.!

Angelina Jolie’s velveteen atrocity is definitely not worth a mention, but I had to include this snap too just to show what a “hot couple” actually means. (Dictionaries didn’t help until I was shown a picture of  Brangelina)

How could I forget dear Clooney and Stacy Keibler? He belies his age.

But here comes the ultimately delightful couple of them all- Miss. Piggy and Kermit the Frog of Muppets fame! Adding beauty to all her snout-y glory was a custom-made Zac Posen, topped off with  Christian Louboutin pumps and Fred Leighton jewellery! Kermit looked his handsomest best in a Brooks Brothers tux. A pretty dashing couple I must say. Giving the Beckhams a run for their money, eh?

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Plush Claws

Well, well look who’s here with another post, already! It’s just that once I start blogging, I’m on a roll and stop only for inescapable circumstances. Keeping with my new found nail-art fascination and the NYFW of course, (I shouldn’t be called a fashion blogger if I don’t) here’s another little post I just Had to put up.

Nail art seems to be the new manna of fashion- sober and pretty or bright and OTT- on runways. Not. It’s instead, fast making its way onto the talons of girls and women off the ramp. Which is why the manifestation of oh-look-at-me nails at a few shows during NYFW came as a welcome time- out from all the ‘nudes’ (come now, I’m only talking about the tans, taupes and peaches of nail lacquer).

The designers who did break out of the mould and decided to show some creativity in terms of statement nails were few and far apart. And the velvet nails by Ruffian made my heart go sha-la-la-la all through the day! Who doesn’t love the feel of velvet? And velvet on nails? Those should undoubtedly be the queen of nails, zee ongles de luxe!

For a really simple DIY velveteen nails, all you need is clear varnish and some flocking material that you get in jars. Check out this really cool website to see how you can have your own little pieces of dreams on your fingertips.

And oh yes they ain’t gonna be the most practical, but who said fashion is practical anyway?

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