“V” For VictorYa

I’ve always been a fan of Victoria Beckham, right from her Posh Spice days. Not that I used to listen to the Spice Girls, but I sure used to notice their dressing, defined by their characters, and in any poster/ picture, my eyes were always drawn to VB sitting smug and polished in well- tailored clothes. To date, she holds her own style no matter which designer she dons. Her style mantra seems to be to defy her petite frame and always manage to project a tough girl image.

From being a pop star, dancer,  businesswoman, actress,  model, to an author, more than anything else today she is known as a designer, what with her own line in denim garments, perfumes and dresses that can be worn for a party or on the red carpet, as well as being three New York Fashion Weeks old. Think Victoria and you think power shoulders, geometric lines, constructed silhouettes and solid monochromatic colors. Well, this is exactly what her clothing lines talk about too, the only contrary element in her latest collection being the splash of colors she’s used, rather than her usual palette of dull black and greys. It’s all about the leg, for 2009 with high rise hemlines and YSL platform pumps.

Speaking of her personal style which is pretty much the same, Mrs. Becks wouldn’t be caught dead in any footwear that falls under 5 ½” in height. Oh no way! It seemed like she was proving her edgy style statement, when she turned up to unveil her fragrance line, in an amazing, figure-hugging grey Antonio Berardi dress wearing a pair of Alexander McQueen’s thigh-high PVC-chic boots with gravity defying 5-and-a-half inch platforms (I found the pic for you)- with no heels! She spent the whole event on tippy toes, hanging onto hubby, Becks’ arm for support.

Another fetish of the former Spice Girl, something she’s never seen without, would be her Birkins. Her obsession for them is so great that they’ve rubbed off on Mr. Beckham too, (I’m not surprised) and now he can be seen everywhere with a bag on one arm and Victoria on the other.

Though after her first book, VB is “Learning To Fly”, she still has her feet on the ground and the world at her feet. Soon after, she authored “That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything In Between”, a light- hearted look at all things that smell of fashion.

Victoria’s pretty derriere warmed the judge’s seat at the fourth season of Project Runway and she honoured the winner, Christian Siriano (one of my favs) by wearing his show stopping dress to a red carpet event. She has also made a cameo appearance with her pretty face, in the television series “Ugly Betty”.

She is an absolute trendsetter right from hair to accessories, working on women around the world. On the lines of style icons of yester years, classy was synonymous with Audrey Hepburn, edgy meant Madonna, but both rolled into one, spells one thing- V.I.C.T.O.R.I.A., a story of success unto the end.


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