Second time successful

Ever since the beginning of my final year of college, I’ve always wanted to go short hair. To please myself, I tried it once in India with disastrous results. I can take the liberty of saying that because I could read everyone’s countenance when they go, “Oh my God! Madhu, you’ve cut your hair! You look…umm… nice!”  with that I’m-lying-through-my-teeth expression on face and plastered, fake smile on lips. But some people never learn and I’m one of them.

After journeying through the seas to the UK, autumn passed and so did winter and along came springtide. With her came sunshine and warmth. With them came the urge to go short yet again. So off I skipped to the hairdresser’s, excited like a little girl who’s just been acknowledged old enough to be presented her first Polly Pocket, with visions of me with a really short mop (really short reads boyish, spiky do). Alas, it wasn’t to be so. I was told off by my bossy stylist and had to heave a mighty sigh and sink into the salon chair, settling  for whatever she said, as well as hear her yelp at the amount of tresses she had to cut off (“enough to make a wig”, in her own words). One and a half hours later, I emerged lighter on the locks and my purse, but happy with the new me. As quickly as my apprehension of what others would think set in, it was blown away without a trace with the volume of positive reactions I received!

Now I wear my coiffure straight or bowed out and both work surprisingly well with any garb. Also surprisingly, though the contentment and sugary feeling in my heart stays, I hate to say this, but I truly miss my long, straight, no-maintenance, silky, do-what-you-want-I’ll- still-look-good mane! Oh well, it will grow back (soon), no need to fret and I’ll have to live with something that’s only ephemeral.

I read this article soon after I heard the snip snip of the barber’s scissors and was quite tickled by it. I felt this mirrored what Coco Chanel said- “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”.

Lives were transformed. Let’s see what transpires for me.


One thought on “Second time successful

  1. I love your new hair, its suits you both ways! x

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