carrieSarah Jessica Parker’s Sex and The City alias, Carrie Bradshaw has been notorious for her quirky fashion sense, during the series’ marathon run from 1998 to 2004. But even that can’t seem to describe the catastrophe of a wedding dress she donned in the movie. Like the Vivienne Westwood, £4,530 morceau par l’erreur isn’t an eye-sore enough, the crowning glory was something resembling a huge, electric- blue, plumed bird seated atop her head. Carrie herself looked very hag- like, on the lines of Cruella de Vil, in silk and feathers instead of fur.  I have to accept one detail though- Patricia Field’s brilliant choice of “Dior Extremes”. Who would have even dreamt of teaming those with a wedding dress? Those are definitely a first on brides and get my thumbs up for it. I was lazily surfing the net, when I tripped upon reproductions/ recreations of the wedding horror, and I was truly surprised that they all looked amazingly pretty. Just what was it with Carrie then?  True, she’s got an edgy sense of fashion and that should be respected, but this garb “Carrie”d away all elegance to the dumps. Then again, is the outfit really that bad? Or is it just me? I asked a friend, a die-hard fan of all things SATC and she said she likes “loud” clothes but this garment, with plumage and all, was too loud even for her.  With that in mind, I take freedom to say, Carrie’s wedding robes spelt Disaster, with a capital ‘D’!


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