Denim, a Fresh Classic

Written by,

Madhumitha Rathnasekar,

a normal girl with slapdash thoughts

Rip them; splatter them; distress them; sand them; shred them; wear them till they tear and then still wear them. That is denim for you and me. Denim knows no end, nor does it see an end, which makes it the staple piece in everyone’s wardrobe, worn with nifty variations. Denim doesn’t die, it only fades. You can be the urban cowboy wearing a pair of boots with your flared jeans or look delicate in a pretty blouse and peg-legs. The versatility of denim has transcended generations of jean lovers (and the rare detester), making it the most worn fabric in the world, ever since its invention in France, when it was still called “nimmes”. Trends may come and trends may go, but denim goes on forever. It is something you can never wear too much of. Nor can you own too much of it. This makes it the safest bet for any moment in your life, for the young and reckless as well as the old and wise, be it having tea with friends, partying the weekend away or prom night. In a nutshell, denim defies age; it is ageless.

Tar's 'zine cover

I wrote this little piece for my friend Tar Enough, for his project, which was the creation of a fashion magazine for men. The pic above, is his cover page for the ‘zine. Doesn’t it look fresh and nice? I think he’s done a good job.

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2 thoughts on “Denim, a Fresh Classic

  1. Deepak says:

    never really thought abt my jeans this way… but true!! nice bit of history there.. very cool!!

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