Much Ado About Nothing

Wardrobe Malfunctions. When I first heard this term as a twelve year old, I thought it had something to do with a cupboard getting broken down. Only when I looked it up in the dictionary, did I realise how off the mark I was, for it said, “a euphemistic term for an embarrassing display of a private body part when clothing droops, falls, or is torn.” Now, having grown up, I have learnt that this is a term, most dreaded in any designer or stylist’s dictionary. Now this shall not be confused with the word “flash”. Well, the general idea is the same, but the latter is done by weirdoes, on purpose.

Coming back to the context, wardrobe malfunctions are considered a shame on.. Everyone! The designers, the stylist, the choreographer, even the model herself. Like she did it just for publicity because her career is rolling downhill. Duh! And before you know it, you have the “Moral Police” leaping all over the place, pointing fingers and blaming people for “immorality”.

In still conventional India, a big hullabaloo was created when the dress of top runway model, Carol Gracias slipped south and revealed a little more than what was necessary for a few seconds. Adding insult to her embarrassment was the enduring spirit with which the public and the members of the Legislative Assembly condemned the show’s organisers and models and took them to court. To top it off, what with the trauma and all, Gracias wasn’t allowed to work for a while.

It is consoling to see that such glitches don’t cause as much of a furore in the west as it does in the east, considering the number of celebrities I can recite, whose attire blips have only been passing news in the juicy gossip columns of newspapers and magazines. Beyonce Knowles, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Janet Jackson, you name the star and she’s been there, done that.

The eastern side of the globe needs to grow up and accept the fact that these things just happen and are not planned to be executed (you could say like love, if you want).

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