Card Out

I’ve been quite busy over the past week with university and my thankless job and I’ve also been doing some travelling and exploring! This has sadly reflected on my blog posts, not having enough time to work on them. Come on, I still do try! The sunshine and warmth reach out and wrap their tantalizing fingers around me, that I give in to the temptation and stay out the whole day! Still, I’m putting up a few images of business cards I designed for my friend Ghazala Erum, who is a professional makeup artist by the way. She is amazing at wielding the blush brush (try saying “blush brush” real fast, 3 times!) and the hair brush. So anybody in need of a person for beautification, post me a comment and I’ll let her know.

Here are the 4 designs I made.

Design No.: 1

Design No.:2

Design No.:3

Design No.:4

What do you think of them? Guess which one she chose?

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2 thoughts on “Card Out

  1. I love the first, second and the third but my favorites are either one and two!! Which did she pick?? x

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