low-waist or high- knee?

So I’m back after a little- longer- than- short break. Rightly so, when you have a life that’s as desirable as mine. It’s been walking… No scratch that… Galloping in triangles for the past month- between home, university and job (if you can even call that a job). My only questions now are, why are the total hours in a day, inversely proportional to the number of chores you have to squeeze into it? Why can’t shops/ banks/ eateries stay open longer? Why should my university project be grounded on this very same question “why”?

I felt I was fast becoming a victim to dementia and broke away from it all, one day. No, I did not attempt suicide. Instead, I took a vacation on the Isle of Wight (and no, that isn’t a typo). Well, anyway I’m back to Birmingham now, many grams lighter on my purse and many shades darker in my complexion. Along came my birthday and with all the surprises and gifts I got, turning a year older, actually didn’t feel bad at all! Then there was the photo-shoot a couple of days back (the pics of which have turned out amazing!) and now I’ve finally sat down to write a little something for my long- forgotten and unpampered blog.

That was when I was nosing around all the stuff in my laptop (since I still hadn’t broken out of the vacation mode and I still haven’t and just couldn’t work on my university project) and chanced upon this little picture. I don’t have the vaguest recollection as to where I found this image but I stumbled upon it, nestled within a nook in my tri-zillion or odd files I have in my faithful (but tad grubby and currently terribly disobedient) lappy.

It’s certainly amusing, but initially disgusting to see some dudes wear their pants so low, they walk like they’re going to trip over and fall flat on their face sooner or later. Ultimately, they don’t (at any rate I haven’t seen anybody go through that discomfiture. One way I’m thankful because I’m sure I’ll be mortified if anything of the sort did happen) but obviously, that doesn’t stop you from staring at them, waiting to see all the various techniques they use to simply walk, as well as hold on to them jeans from dropping off. Not to mention them appearing to be disfigured, squatter versions of us humans with extremely long torsos and short stumps for legs. So, a word of caution to all those guys who do read my blog (I don’t think there are very many) of whom, those who’ve already adapted the style of the “tightie-whitie” and those contemplating it, the preponderance of us young ladies would rather like you holding your girlfriends, than your trousers. Think well and think hard fellas!

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2 thoughts on “low-waist or high- knee?

  1. I love the new blog lay out and design, I look forward to more fashion related posts!! x

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