Me- a Vintage Convert?

As you can see, my blog has had a face-lift, without going under the knife but by simply having a change in look. Which is exactly what was attempted on me!

After eons, I, the person who has never looked the vintage style in the eye, step into COW Vintage Store at Digbeth today, thanks to Amy (of Vintage Reflection) and Claire (of Mad Elizabeth), the avid vintage connoisseurs. I’ve always loved anything vintage, right from shoes to clothes, brooches, jewellery, bags, scarves and hats. Always loved to just See them, would be putting it in better words, never venturing to buy any though. That’s because I’m as un- vintage as there can be, with my skinny jeans or trousers paired with pretty/ quirky tops. I don’t even know what to call “my style”- I’m neither a chameleon nor a fashion victim, nor am I a jeans and tee type. (To do: Find my style!)

Image courtesy: Vintage Reflection

Anyway, maybe that was part reason we went to COW where the vintage-rians tried to “convert” me with their exceptional skills of throwing together whole outfits in seconds. This is how it went.

We march in at midday.

Claire and Amy split up, leaving me standing dazed and confused in the middle of the store.

By the time I blink my mascara-ed eyelashes a few times to clear my confusion, they’re back with an armload of clothes and accessories for me to try on. Each has 2 styles for me to take a shot at.

They usher me into the fitting room with my first outfit which is styled by Amy and it has her name written all over. I think the dress fits me well and I loved the sunflowers- reminded me of a dress I had when I was little! The belt and especially the purple (in case you didn’t know, purple is my favourite!) bag are super cute!

I change into my next set of apparel which has been put together by Claire. This is something I’ve Never tried before and you can easily see Claire’s flair running through the whole outfit right to the white accessories. The kimono-like look and hues, is a pleasant sight, indeed.

On with the next ensemble by Amy (if you haven’t realised already, they’re taking turns here). It’s a black, floral, short playsuit. I don’t think playsuits are me, how much ever I love them and want to own them.

For my last change, Claire gives me a funky print skirt and a purple top! (I guess she heard my comment on the color!) I wear the skirt really high, again something I’ve never done before, not considering the time when I was 4. I Love!

In the end, I heart the first and last styles over the other 2 because.. well, because just because! Amy, a fast rising star in the Blogosphere, will tell you more about it on her quaint blog, Vintage Reflection and hopefully she’s got a better picture to give you than me! And yeah, I’m going back to buy the clothes and make them all mine, sometime soon!

Photos by Amy Purfield-Clark

Styling by Amy Purfield-Clark and Claire Bissell

P.S.: Claire, right now, does stalls at flea markets and vintage expos under her brand Mad Elizabeth, but will very soon be opening her own store in Birmingham. There are exciting plans underway!

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8 thoughts on “Me- a Vintage Convert?

  1. You look so good in the vintage clothing we picked out, you so should buy the dress and skirt They are ace!! xxx

  2. Madhumitha says:

    deffo I’m getting myself something for fast approaching autumn.. charity shops sounds good! n yea, I’m getting there 😉

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  6. WMD « says:

    […] is one such fine soul who besides helping me with various fashion travails (read: creating a Vintage Convert) and helping me start this very blog, also taught me I could wear the sunniest floral for winter […]

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