It was our official last day at university. I’m guessing our official last day of summer too.

As far as I can remember, all days after that started to get gloomily dark and squelchy wet, which subsequently had its fingerprints on me too, turning me from a cheerful lassie to a spiritless woman. Anyway, when I was busy wallowing in the mess that was me, I unearthed these pictures that were taken out on the afore mentioned final day of multi-cultural, productive merriment that was university.

Amy, Claire et moi were footing it out to COW Vintage Store (this is what I say we did there and this is what Amy says we did there!) when we were suddenly faced by this grande, old warehouse that was covered from ingress to egress in graffiti! The paintings were so electrifyingly colourful and before you could say “fashion blog”, Claire and Amy had whipped out their cameras (Claire had this really cute vintage one on her) and put them to use.

I think we got some really good snaps, all our outfits were colourful enough to vie with the graffiti! Mes amies were in all their vintage glory right from their oversized glares, the sweet floral dresses, down to their tan brogues. And oh yeah, there was me with my blue stripped sleeve top, skinny jeans and black shoes, I hope you’re reading this Amy, a charity shop find!

J’adore this image, the girls are rocking their newly coloured ginger and copper tresses!

For a more “fashionable” take on the day pop over to Amy’s blog, Vintage Reflection and read up!

Photographs by Amy Purfield- Clark

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4 thoughts on “Graffit-acular!

  1. Woohoo finally a new post, love these colourful images!! Great read to x

  2. […] too. But then, unlike those times, we had an interestingly different kind of day, walking past grafitti-ed on godowns (read Amy’s version here) and friends trying to “convert” me (and Amy’s take […]

  3. […] I think this is an entirely different me from the floral- and- pastel girlishness of my Vintage days and a slight upgrade from my (yawn) jeans and top ensemble. […]

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