Pooch accessories? Pooches As accessories! :|

Just what is it that makes celebs tick at the thought of doggies as accessories? The poor, tiny canines- it’s mostly the smaller ones that are put through this torture- are tucked under many a botox-ed armpit or stuffed into designer dogbags, because they’re accessories? I’m no airhead, but I’ve never understood nor do I now. People don’t realise that dogs have pride too. We’re safe only because they don’t look at themselves in a mirror, or they’d be crying their hearts out and hurling curses at us or simply, hounds being hounds, bite a mighty chunk off us.
It’s one thing putting them into colourful, little sweaters when it gets too cold- they actually look cute and rib-crushingly squeezable in them- but making them wear fluorescent pink nail paint? Gaudy dresses that match their owners’? Colourful beads and bows in their ears? Way overboard, I’d say. Because for crying out loud, they Don’t need clothes, nor do they need those caps, shoes and tutus.
They’re meant to be cuddled and played with, in return for being our best friends, like this:

Not togged up like a Disney princess or prince for that matter!
I’ve never really owned a pooch, but I’d tell you any day, that I’d choose eyes shut, an unfussy, well-groomed, smart mongrel, over a prissily made up, snooty thorough-bred.

This is Coco, the cutest little pooch i know on earth, with me… the owner of this blog? The love we share is mutual, he adores me as much as I do him (atleast that’s what I think considering how he likes to climb up onto my lap). Now he’s starting to sound like he’s mine, so let’s put things straight before his real mistress starts fuming. She is none other than Amy of Vintage Reflection and she is as keen on him as she is on her boyfriend. All this talk about the four-legged cutsies, reminds me I miss Coco already and ought to pop over to Amy’s to play with him and his menagerie of stuffed toys!

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2 thoughts on “Pooch accessories? Pooches As accessories! :|

  1. Aww my Coco looks lovely, we’ll have to get some better photos of you and him next time your over!

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