A Borrowed Shirt and A Photoshoot

OK, I never thought I’d be doing this but here I am, trying to do what everybody does, trying to follow the extant blogger’s craze – to write about what they/ he/ she wore.  I’m still on my mission to find my “style” and thought I’d try mascu- feminine chic just for the reason that I’ve Adored the look ever since I tripped over the term in some glossy fashion magazine a little more than half a decade ago.

So I threw on a shirt borrowed from a guy friend after some charm, threats and cajoling (I’m taking “mascu”-feminine chic in its truest sense!), a pair of H&M jeans (that was a steal for 5 quid!), some thrift-ed beads and chains, my basic black blazer (that I’ve used at all times except at formal do’s. I normally wear it out with my sleeves rolled up for that grungy feel) and black Mary- Janes and voila! Look below!

I managed to get only these shots that looked decent enough to be published, I’ll tell you why in my next post (which has no clue when it’ll see the light of day from the abysses of my mind! Hang in there.)

I think this is an entirely different me from the floral- and- pastel girlishness of my Vintage days and a slight upgrade from my (yawn) jeans and top ensemble.

Oh and don’t miss the tinny gold band on head and the face sans the warpaint.

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One thought on “A Borrowed Shirt and A Photoshoot

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