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I don’t like talking about the end of summer until it Is the end of summer. Sadly, we’re running out of summer and into autumn quickly, a bit too quickly rather, for someone who is part victim to SAD (thanks for that bit of education, Bavane 🙂 and for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s your key) and hates living through miserably gloomy winters, that the UK is stereotyped with. I realised it was high time I tell the world of my affair with the Maxi Dress.

This turbulent love story starts with, me turning up my modest nose at the Maxi till slowly but surely, I evolved into a being that sticks its thumbs up at others lapping up Maxi’s love, while sniveling that We would never work. I always dwelt in the misconception that Maxi would never appreciate my ever-so-tiny-waist-but-humongous hips figure. Oh! How wrong I was! Along came an emergency, where I Had to go with Maxi for a friend’s eleventh hour shoot which was when the radiance of bodhi struck and I was swept off my feet.

I could finally see how versatile a maxi is, which connects it to a sari (my other favorite) in more levels than one, mainly because they,

1) hide the flaws

2) underline the assets

3) dexterously transform from day to evening wear

4) oh and it’s way easier to handle than a sari

… and I’m in love with the elegant, floor-length beauties, ever since!

Don’t mind the grainy pic (though I like it looking this way, like a photo from the past) and also don’t mind me looking like a midget, I really am Not that short. I swear.

Maxi- Charity shop

Shrug- SKC, India

Bracelets- one of the 22 gifts from mommy and daddy for my birthday!

Gladiators- one of the gifts from friends for my 22nd

This photo is stolen from my friend Kruti’s photoshoot (for which I modeled), more pics of which I’ll be posting later.

Maxi- Primark

Bracelets- Kruti’s and Amy’s

Shoes- Charity shop

And finally, this photo is from a photoshoot I went to, just for the sake of it wearing this gorgeous purple maxi that my best buddies Susanna, Navin, Varun and Vaishnu gifted me for my super-cool, surprise-filled 22nd birthday!

Maxi- One of the gifts from friends for my 22nd

Bracelets- gifts from Malaysia and India

Wedges- Lillywhites, London (it was a steal on Boxing Day)

In essen, whatever this post might be about, you can be sure I had an amazing birthday at my home away from home!

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