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My First Shoot As Stylist! The Production

A break, an intensive hunt (for pictures) and a sleepless night after, comes this post of some of the best raw images Kumar, the photographer clicked during my first session as stylist. Afshan and her magic wands have outdone themselves on the gorgeous models Myra and Parmesh to create stunning cat eyes, exaggerated cheek bones and hairdos that go from classic to funky!

Looking at such fine un-edits, I’m so excited, I can hardly sit in one place waiting for the final retouched photos to come to my mail!

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My First Shoot As Stylist! The Making

My first post in this latest category of mine, New Weaves where I blog about anything new I try.

A few days back was my first shoot where I got to be the stylist and act like I know it all! It was a colorful Asian party at the studio with all the pretty pink clothes (and one odd green one), jewelery and accessories from the fabulous Silons, Birmingham. A lot of laughter, gossip, Rihanna and exchange of tips and knowledge were the add-on features. We ran against time and squeezed in 4 of our best garments, Not that the others were any less beautiful. I bestow you with some backstage shots that’ll give you a sneak peek of what we were upto.

And I just realised, a glamorous, pink post for Valentine’s Day! Happy V Day!

You can see the two sequels to this entry here and here.

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Still Addicted

Giving in to a lot of demand is today’s post where I show you how I wore my jacket to my graduation. Yes! You read that right, I graduated 3 days back! I’m now officially an MA Fashion Media Graduate of BIAD, UK! That was one of my happiest days, so happy, I still can’t stop smiling. Friends, family, everyone, thanks for the affection. It feels good to be loved.

Mighty thanks to Bavane and her family for the limo ride, dinner, gifts and just for being there as my folks and making my day absolutely fantastic!

I digress. I got this simple, tailored dress just for G-day, topped it off with the much-spoken about jacket and thought they made a pretty pair. On the whole, a little granny-chic maybe? What do you think?

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