Still Addicted

Giving in to a lot of demand is today’s post where I show you how I wore my jacket to my graduation. Yes! You read that right, I graduated 3 days back! I’m now officially an MA Fashion Media Graduate of BIAD, UK! That was one of my happiest days, so happy, I still can’t stop smiling. Friends, family, everyone, thanks for the affection. It feels good to be loved.

Mighty thanks to Bavane and her family for the limo ride, dinner, gifts and just for being there as my folks and making my day absolutely fantastic!

I digress. I got this simple, tailored dress just for G-day, topped it off with the much-spoken about jacket and thought they made a pretty pair. On the whole, a little granny-chic maybe? What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Still Addicted

  1. I love a bit of granny chic but I don’t like you look like a granny you look super chic and stylish like a city slick office woman. Your hair is looking lovely like this!! x

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