My First Shoot As Stylist! The Post Production

Today there’s some good news and bad news. The way I like it, I’m breaking the bad news first. I witnessed the untimely demise of my beloved laptop Annecto, when he started smoking from his charging socket. No need to despair though, here’s the good news, he is going to be visiting the surgeon soon and he’ll be whirring and clicking again! (Or so I hope)

And for those of you who are wondering, Annecto is Latin for “connect”. I named him that simply because, though I now live continents away, with him I Never have and never will miss home! You are missed Annecto.

To lift spirits up, here’s another good news..

Ladies and the smidgen of gentlemen who read my blog, here they are at last!  With great pride I present to you, The much awaited final edits of my trial as fashion stylist! (Wow! I could almost hear the drum-roll in the background when I said that).

The photos have been retouched by the photographer Kumar. Since I wanted the catalog look going, I asked for a completely plain white background. I’ll post some more retouched pictures later where he’s given some beautiful effects.

I loved everything about this shoot, right from the clothes, the make-up and the photos to the people, the atmosphere and the great team work! It was the very first time I met this amazingly talented group and not for a second did they dither to make me feel comfy at what I was doing. Thanks for everything guys and here’s to more such creative sessions! Cheers! x

(You can see the Making and Production of the shoot here)

P.S.: What do you think I should name this shoot? My mind draws a blank. The best name, from you readers will be featured in my next entry with due credit to the creative soul 🙂

P.P.S.: This isn’t the end of this session. Stay tuned for some more retouched images soon and you won’t be disappointed with the wait. This is a promise.

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5 thoughts on “My First Shoot As Stylist! The Post Production

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  3. These are fab, bet you had lots of fun styling these! Love the blogs new layout and theme to!! x

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