The BGD- The Sequel

Remember I mentioned “perfume ad” in my previous post? That got the wheels in my head turning and I cornered a friend to do a couple of very simple edits for me. He agreed but begged me not to mention his name here. Modesty? Maintaining a low profile? Anyway, they’ve really turned out well and I’m also very pleased with his promptness in working on them and sending them in. Its amazing how the whole picture has been transformed to look like its an ad for Midnight Poison the latest of Dior’s perfumes in the Poison series.

First come the original advertisements with Eva Green (Green? More blue really) in the beautiful Dior dress.

And then, here comes our version with Parmesh in the gorgeous Silons dress.

With this will come the end of the series of images from my first shoot with my team Kumar Chan the tog and Afshan Tahir the MUA; Myra A’mani Khawaja and Parmesh Nijjar the models; Aravind Subramani the assistant photographer and the breathtaking garments by Silons, UK.

As Sephora says it, “From a mysterious, sensual fragrance, a new Cinderella is born” and as I’d say it, “From a fantastic, energetic team, many Cinderellas are born”! Stay tuned for more photos of lovely transformations!

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