Barbecue And A New Outfit

Winter’s passed and here’s Spring! A reawakening; a rebirth, of trees and plants stripped of green, of animals torpid and people of dry, monotonous lives.

“The heart is abloom; Shoots up through the stony ground”, there’s a song in it and tunes all around. (Well, the part in quotes is by U2 and then I made up that last bit)

Anyway, my friends and I had a barbeque party to greet this long awaited guest, who stays short but leaves memories that last long. While everyone tore at the poor, tortured chicken, I tamely had my BBQ’d mushrooms and peppers that were simply scrumptious. (If you didn’t already know, I have always been an eggitarian and always will be. Take that all you who thought I’d go UK and promptly turn into a meat devouring carnivore. And I’m not boring. At all.)

I digress. So here’s the fashion element, I’m going to India very soon, practically next week (eeek! I can’t wait) and I obviously have been shopping a lot for gifts (Ok, Mostly gifts) and I accidentally ended up buying this top and shorts and well, shoes. In my defence, the hat and tights and I are Old! Really.

I was fooling around with my camera (that I still don’t know to properly use) and managed to click these photos. I love the way the sparks from the BBQ grill made all those little squiggles (like a light painting!) and I also love the way the coal is burning purple!

Alright, alright here are photos of my new clothes!


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