I’ve tucked myself into bed, munching on chocolate chip cookies dipped into a mug of steaming hot chocolate- a sinfully delightful yet terrifyingly calorific midnight snack. But being high and happy with all the choco-ness, I choose not to ruin an apology with an excuse.

To my dwindling number of readers- I’m sorry I haven’t been writing here for months, I was too busy relaxing and procrastinating on my fabulous 3.5 month long vacation in India and then just got busy chillin’ when I returned to UK. Alright, alright I was fundamentally jobless in both countries, but I demand to be let off the hook for the former, because it was vacation time with the familia, friends, amazing grub, wonderful touring and unending love leading to selective forgetfulness, i.e., maintaining a blog. For the remaining months, my bad. I promise I’ll give it my best shot to be more regular in future.

Whew, feigning sincere apologies is tough. Kidding. That said and done, my birthday this year was all of awesome-ness and more, with many, many surprises, cakes and gifts! I came back to Brummie and guess what? More surprises and presents! One sunny day I decided to go out and do what I do best- shopping, with my beautiful new Paul’s Boutique Molly and New Look cut-out shoes!

Ugh! Believe it or not, I’ve had a chocolate overdose (I forget to mention the KitKat I just gobbled up too). Need to get rid of the unwarranted sweetness. Now. Catch you at my next blog!

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