Pricey Spatter

In desperate need of a conversation starter?

Alexander Wang, Sophie Theallet, and Billy Reid (all recipients of the annual CFDA/Vpgue Fashion Fund award) have just the thing for you. A beautifully virgin white T shirt, with… coffee stains and an almost camouflaged Starbucks logo. Intrigued? It’s what the designer trio have come up with, to commemorate 40 years of Starbucks selling their coffee, and slurpilicious caramel hot chocolate with the pile of whipped cream on top, to us hoi polloi. Sipping on it and munching on their chocolate chip muffins with Belgian choco sauce centre is pure, unadulaterated bliss. (sigh)

Sorry! I got a little carried away. Shell out a whopping $85 and the tee is all yours. Till then, here you go, gaze at a picture of it and if you think it’s your style, eat your heart out, cos your mama’s not gonna let you have it.

As for me, will I spend an 85-er for advertising Starbucks?

In my next lifetime, maybe…….. If I’m born with a head and no brains.

Besides, I hate coffee.

Um, I could do it for a lifetime supply of the hot chocolate..?

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