A Fine Day & Happy Threads

It’s a teeth- chattering 3◦C outside and I’m curled up in my warm, inviting snuggie thinking, “time for more sunny posts!” So here it is.

It was a gorgeous, sunlit morning and I was getting ready for office, but I couldn’t contain myself when the sun peeked through my curtains cheekily and I went overboard with the colors in my outfit! Thankfully though, I managed to tone down my bright blue vest, merry scarf and cheery wooden bangles with a simple yet cunningly crafted, black wrap-around skirt.

This skirt’s been with me for practically ages now (though I haven’t worn it much) simply because it is so unique and one-of-a-kind that, my heart would eat me up before it lets me give it away! Designers and brands whose names you can hardly pronounce, needn’t be the only ones to come up with ingenious cuts and drapes baby!

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3 thoughts on “A Fine Day & Happy Threads

  1. Super cute photos and nice outfit! x

  2. bsulakshana says:

    I likey the pics 🙂 x

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