An Uncertain Witch

Hello ghosts, zombies and devils! Your day’s right around the corner! I’m thrilled, though I haven’t got anything down pat to wear yet.

Tut tut.

I can dream of a dozen characters I’d Love to be, like Wonder Woman for example, or a bloody snake charmer after his own pets turn against him, or, or a zombie cheerleader! Yea I know, but it’s funny how my creative juices ebb precisely when it comes round to thinking about a horrifyingly different costume to wear. Every year. This could be either,

  1. Because I, by no means, wanna rip my clothes n stain them red, (which is what Halloween demands), however prehistoric and faded they are.
  2. Because I think it’s an utter waste to squander away money on clothes that you’re never gonna wear again. Even if they’re from eBay.
  3. Because of the perpetual economic crunch in my personal finance department ‘cos I’m financially-challenged in terms of maintaining accounts and of course, my neurotic shopping disorder.

So, sighing to myself, I resigned to rummaging through the contents of my splitting-at-the-hinges-‘cos-I’m-a-shopaholic wardrobe and what materialized were, a fantastic red corset top, black fishnets and knee-high buckled, goth-ish black boots. A cut-price pointy hat, black skirt and broom(?) and clever makeup later, Sabrina, the teenage witch??? Or just plain witch?

30th October shall witness. And till then, I’m just gonna kick back and enjoy my Halloween cupcakes with jell-O worms on them!

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