A nippy little post that takes me back to the time gone by in my big, cluttered room in Birmingham when many of my posts were published at night, sipping on a hot mug of cocoa snuggled comfortably under my lovely warm bed-covers; when my days saw me getting all dressed up, even if it just meant a quick visit to the supermarket to buy a pint of milk and a loaf of bread; and when all those times I stood tapping my chin and speculating which pair of shoes would go best with my outfit. Memories..

Wait. You don’t see the reason for my pondering, do you? Well then, have a look at this snap here. It was a hurried pic when I was packing up to leave to India, so don’t mind the composition and lighting and any other photographic technicalities.


Yep, I was the proud owner of all that footwear! Too bad I couldn’t bring them all back with me. In my defence, c’mon, I’m a woman!

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2 thoughts on “Recall

  1. M says:

    I want those brogues and them mary janes and AAAH ! you have the right number. not too many, absolutely not less, all the perfect wardrobe staples in a number of avatars, but I am sure you want more ! because you don’t need a defense 😀 A lady can never, ever have too many shoes 🙂

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