… And Its a Wrap!

To those who were expecting this post (I’m guessing it was just Bavane), yeah I know. It has taken a journey too long to just arrive. It’s here now and that’s as good as it can get, right? It’s all about being pressed for time when you hardly have the time you should have, to do everything that you should do every day. (I hope you got that at the first read) And does that read no time for manicures? Or even for a basic coat of nail varnish?
Don’t despair, nail wraps are here!
And what may they be? They’re the latest and best way to tart up your nails with designs as on-trend as the latest S/S 2012 line of Diane Von Furstenberg. They get my thumbs up just because,

  1. Beyonce wears them!
  2. Wrapped fingers stay for about a week while the ones on your tootsies can stay for nearly 8 weeks!
  3. You get to parade designs on your digits that nail art can’t mimic.
  4. Continuing with that, you get your fav embellishments on, in under 15 minutes while nail art takes…. A back- breaking forever!
  5. Did I mention? Beyonce wears them!
  6. Tartans, polka dots, stripes, animal prints, metallics, stars, hearts, abstracts. Nail wraps have them all!
  7. They don’t chip, they don’t stain.

Bavane played the role of informer about these pretties and also graciously gave in to being my hand model and photographed her nails after some cooing and cajoling. Ok, a lot of pestering, to be honest.

Umm and I don’t think you get the wraps in Indian stores yet. You do get them online though. So don’t kill me.

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