WMD, Meera Reddy

WMD: Pronunciation:/dʌbljuːɛmˈdiː/


Women of mass destruction.

An ode to all those ladies who could shoot you down with their killer style quotients. To those who pass you like a puff of fresh air, brightening up your day and many days after. To those who make you turn around for a second glance and consequently drive you to ogle at them shamelessly. If looks could kill, then they’d have you down in minutes. No scratch that. Seconds is all they need. I proudly present to you a bunch of my friends who live up to being WMD everyday of their lives. Here’s one of them.

“I never saw so many colors on one girl before…

…but you looked like you belonged out there, all right.

You and all your colors.” – P.S.: I Love You

(I could actually hear the Butler’s sexy make-the-ladies-swoon Irish lilt, reading it as I typed!!!)

Meera Reddy, these lines have been imprinted in the historical profundity of Hollywood for no one but you, our Peacock, as Sharada so lovingly puts it!

For those who don’t know Meera, allow me to elaborate. All she would’ve be doing would be washing up last night’s dishes or simply lounging around catching a bit of her fav program (would prolly be One Tree Hill or Gossip Girls or Sherlock) on telly or just picking me up from the hairdressers. Only that, everything she does, she does with style that reads- all dressed up, complete with complementing hair accessories! A style that has colors splashed all over, they could jar and yet… they harmonize.

Meera loves trying out something new so you can never really tie her to any one style (other than the colors that is. But don’t let that get you thinking she doesn’t have her sober days too, which are equally charming!) She understandably can’t stand the wannabes who like to do something different just cos then they’d be um… different.

And didya notice her hair streaks change with every photo? Didya? Didya? I heart!


10 thoughts on “WMD, Meera Reddy

  1. loshini14 says:

    Love your fashion sense babe!!! n True indeed i feel confident when i wear sumthin comfortable!

  2. Dona Joy says:

    I love Meera Reddy and her sense of fashion and style… which is UNIQUE.. thats why she is called “——QUEEN”

  3. Venky says:

    Meera Reddy!!! Damiiiiimmmmmmm Gril….. Gud goin 🙂

    And Madhu gr8 article….

  4. Sandhya says:


  5. Seema Ramakrishna says:

    Hear hear! Meera, you domus proud!!

  6. Lovely style, does Meera have a blog? I’d defiantly check it out if she does! X

  7. mayank says:

    nice blog….pics are really nice

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