Monthly Archives: December 2014


And here comes another one of those overdue posts.

I customised this pretty pair of purple felt shoes for my friend Nivedita. I don’t think I’ve mentioned her before, have I? She has been my faithful sidekick  friend for many years now, 20 years to be precise and we’ve been through it all- sickness and health, good times and bad, and joy as well as sorrow. (Wedding vows?! -_- )

Anyway, back to the shoes. We went for a friend’s wedding in Bombay and what better excuse to shop? Wound up buying a whole bunch of things, including but not limited to, a pair of purple felt shoes… each. She contributed some old, unused charms and I some gems from my tweenage bedazzle kit which I went on the shoes and ta~da!

Untitled-2Items you’ll need:
A pair of shoes in your favorite color
Charms/ Pendants
Metal studs and Crystals
Strong adhesive/ hot glue gun
Tailor’s chalk

How to:
With the tailor’s chalk, mark where you want all your embellishments to go on the shoes. Glue away!