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WMD, Meera Reddy

WMD: Pronunciation:/dʌbljuːɛmˈdiː/


Women of mass destruction.

An ode to all those ladies who could shoot you down with their killer style quotients. To those who pass you like a puff of fresh air, brightening up your day and many days after. To those who make you turn around for a second glance and consequently drive you to ogle at them shamelessly. If looks could kill, then they’d have you down in minutes. No scratch that. Seconds is all they need. I proudly present to you a bunch of my friends who live up to being WMD everyday of their lives. Here’s one of them.

“I never saw so many colors on one girl before…

…but you looked like you belonged out there, all right.

You and all your colors.” – P.S.: I Love You

(I could actually hear the Butler’s sexy make-the-ladies-swoon Irish lilt, reading it as I typed!!!)

Meera Reddy, these lines have been imprinted in the historical profundity of Hollywood for no one but you, our Peacock, as Sharada so lovingly puts it!

For those who don’t know Meera, allow me to elaborate. All she would’ve be doing would be washing up last night’s dishes or simply lounging around catching a bit of her fav program (would prolly be One Tree Hill or Gossip Girls or Sherlock) on telly or just picking me up from the hairdressers. Only that, everything she does, she does with style that reads- all dressed up, complete with complementing hair accessories! A style that has colors splashed all over, they could jar and yet… they harmonize.

Meera loves trying out something new so you can never really tie her to any one style (other than the colors that is. But don’t let that get you thinking she doesn’t have her sober days too, which are equally charming!) She understandably can’t stand the wannabes who like to do something different just cos then they’d be um… different.

And didya notice her hair streaks change with every photo? Didya? Didya? I heart!


… And Its a Wrap!

To those who were expecting this post (I’m guessing it was just Bavane), yeah I know. It has taken a journey too long to just arrive. It’s here now and that’s as good as it can get, right? It’s all about being pressed for time when you hardly have the time you should have, to do everything that you should do every day. (I hope you got that at the first read) And does that read no time for manicures? Or even for a basic coat of nail varnish?
Don’t despair, nail wraps are here!
And what may they be? They’re the latest and best way to tart up your nails with designs as on-trend as the latest S/S 2012 line of Diane Von Furstenberg. They get my thumbs up just because,

  1. Beyonce wears them!
  2. Wrapped fingers stay for about a week while the ones on your tootsies can stay for nearly 8 weeks!
  3. You get to parade designs on your digits that nail art can’t mimic.
  4. Continuing with that, you get your fav embellishments on, in under 15 minutes while nail art takes…. A back- breaking forever!
  5. Did I mention? Beyonce wears them!
  6. Tartans, polka dots, stripes, animal prints, metallics, stars, hearts, abstracts. Nail wraps have them all!
  7. They don’t chip, they don’t stain.

Bavane played the role of informer about these pretties and also graciously gave in to being my hand model and photographed her nails after some cooing and cajoling. Ok, a lot of pestering, to be honest.

Umm and I don’t think you get the wraps in Indian stores yet. You do get them online though. So don’t kill me.

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WMD, Amy Purfield- Clark

WMD: Pronunciation:/dʌbljuːɛmˈdiː/


            Women of mass destruction.

An ode to all those ladies who could shoot you down with their killer style quotients. To those who pass you like a puff of fresh air, brightening up your day and many days after. To those who make you turn around for a second glance and consequently drive you to ogle at them shamelessly. If looks could kill, then they’d have you down in minutes. No scratch that. Seconds is all they need. I proudly present to you a bunch of my friends who live up to being WMD everyday of their lives. Here’s one of them.

Ever had one of those random people who flitted into your life to do you all the timely good that you need and just as smoothly fly out once their guardian angel work is over? Amy Purfield Clark of Vintage Reflection, is one such fine soul who besides helping me with various fashion travails (read: creating a Vintage Convert) and helping me start this very blog, also taught me I could wear the sunniest floral for winter and the dullest grey for summer with head held high and without having to come under the critical nose of the fashion police.

Fittingly titled “The Vintage Goddess”, (yea I call her that) Amy loves mixing it up with elements of our modern world which is why one day you’d see her having a mooch around in a thrift store and an another day at Topshop/ Urban Outfitters/ H&M. Normally, a fall-in-love-at-first-sight person (did that happen with Dave? (wink)..) she’s trying a nouvelle approach now, of waiting to see if she can’t get her mind off those oh-so-Americana-vintage cat’s eye sunglasses and then scoots back to buy them! I guess this is a  must-hear idea for all the shopaholics out there like me!

A few photos of the lovely lady herself working her granny chic look.

Images courtesy: Vintage Reflection

For more brilliant photos on chic looks, catch Amy at Vintage Reflection.

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Masculinity Comes To Fore

I’m picking up from where I left off in my last post. Today I tell you why I stingily posted so few pictures on my blogfence. Blogfence!- I just came up with that! (feeling all proud and important) Actually I don’t have anything to say, the pictures will speak for themselves.


Masculinity comes to the fore to defend my shoot. Woo! Fun times! 😛

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Goodbye BIAD

This day formally marked the finish of university life and I had the same stomach clench that I felt when I was at the end of school and the end of my undergrad too. But then, unlike those times, we had an interestingly different kind of day, walking past grafitti-ed on godowns and friends trying to “convert” me to the fashion religion called Vintage.

But before all that and after individual tutorials with our professor, we had a mini photo session against our university entrance, officially proclaiming ourselves to be students of the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. Here are the pictures.

Check out each one of us with our own distinctive dressing style!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Vinatge Goddesses, Amy and Claire in their pretty floral threads, oversized shades and tan brogues. (Don’t miss their newly colored summer hair and Claire’s little vintage camera).

Next up is VM, rocking her funky mascu-feminine look in short hair-do, bright, fun colors and cowboy boots. I heart those soles! And I want!

Behold Anna in slouchy jeans, smart trainers and the big, tartan fabric flower on tee. I’ve always loved the way she carries off huge, quirky accessories with panache.

Finally, there’s me in my jeans and top combo- skinny navies with blue slit-sleeved top. Yes, I’m still on my quest to find the “my style”.

Photography: Amy Purfield- Clark

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Stat Threads Update

Here’s the next status message that tickled me by Miss Writer, Pooja Sharma, who says,

“The story of my life would be called “Writer’s Block”

and might aswell be a sketchbook with blank pages… :/”


Fuuny, I feel the same way! (Talks for the lack of “substantial” posts, right?)

So readers, if you want your message posted here, make sure you put up good one-liners on Facebook and you’re sure to be featured. And yes, always stay tuned to this space! Ciao!

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Friends, the Essence of Survival

Robes of Vicuna, trimmings of lace;

But nothing can ever replace

A hand you can hold,

A tender face

And a heart made of gold.

I love you all mad for,

Friends aren’t a fad

To come and go

They stay steadfast and long,

And make sure you never go wrong.

This, I warn you, is Not the usual, put-on, “sweet nothings”. These lines bubbled up right from the tiniest capillaries of a heart that now understands, more than ever, what the crux of life is- friendship. Thank you people for being there for me through the 22 years of my existence as a speck on this planet and looking out for me, so a good egg doesn’t go bad! I mean every  word.

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It was our official last day at university. I’m guessing our official last day of summer too.

As far as I can remember, all days after that started to get gloomily dark and squelchy wet, which subsequently had its fingerprints on me too, turning me from a cheerful lassie to a spiritless woman. Anyway, when I was busy wallowing in the mess that was me, I unearthed these pictures that were taken out on the afore mentioned final day of multi-cultural, productive merriment that was university.

Amy, Claire et moi were footing it out to COW Vintage Store (this is what I say we did there and this is what Amy says we did there!) when we were suddenly faced by this grande, old warehouse that was covered from ingress to egress in graffiti! The paintings were so electrifyingly colourful and before you could say “fashion blog”, Claire and Amy had whipped out their cameras (Claire had this really cute vintage one on her) and put them to use.

I think we got some really good snaps, all our outfits were colourful enough to vie with the graffiti! Mes amies were in all their vintage glory right from their oversized glares, the sweet floral dresses, down to their tan brogues. And oh yeah, there was me with my blue stripped sleeve top, skinny jeans and black shoes, I hope you’re reading this Amy, a charity shop find!

J’adore this image, the girls are rocking their newly coloured ginger and copper tresses!

For a more “fashionable” take on the day pop over to Amy’s blog, Vintage Reflection and read up!

Photographs by Amy Purfield- Clark

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Sunshine In My Soul

This very aptly named styling shoot was made by my stylist friend, where she has brought together 7 looks for the most eagerly awaited time of the year, Summer!

(I wrote this like a narrative by her)

The Look

I looked out of my window and saw a bright, sunny day. Twittering birds, flowers in bloom, the smell of freshly mown grass. It may sound clichéd, but Spring is truly beautiful. With sunlit joy in mind, I thought up of this sweet shoot for S/S 2010 which ties together 7 simple yet smart looks for the week. Little Miss Sunshine may be chic one day, candied another and glammed up on yet another day. Whatever she dresses in, the fashionista never goes wrong without a single strand out of place.

Style Patrol

With the sun on my back and a song in my heart I set off armed with sunblock, shades and camera to hunt down my prey- the niftily dressed of Birmingham- and photograph them. Breathing in inspiration from the best pictures, I set about brainstorming styling ideas and visualising them through this cute virtual game where I can make dolls wear clothes of my choice.

(Here are the names and descriptions I came up with for each look. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to put up the pics here. (I really think she’s done an amazing job though))

Pretty Chic(k)

Normally a demure miss, she sometimes likes to reveal the tough girl in her with multiple chains and glares.

Denim n’ Roses

Togged up in strappy top and skirt with comfy shoes and a backpack, she’s all set to hit the road.


The attractive girl next door goes stylish in pink, as pretty as the white rose in her tresses.

Blue For Life!

Blue’s the way to go with this ensemble, accessorised with bowler hat and a stack of bangles.

Timelessly young

She shows you how to work the vintage inspired styling in pastels, browns and gold.

Solstice Love!

Cheery yellow sandals and bag brighten up this garment, perfect for a walk in the park with the one she loves.

I Heart Spring

A cropped, feminine top works well with skinny jeans, glammed up with metallic blue.

The shoot has a light and effortless feel and the results are striking! Plus, I loved the model too. She fits into her role of the sassy lassie, like a glove.

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Denim, a Fresh Classic

Written by,

Madhumitha Rathnasekar,

a normal girl with slapdash thoughts

Rip them; splatter them; distress them; sand them; shred them; wear them till they tear and then still wear them. That is denim for you and me. Denim knows no end, nor does it see an end, which makes it the staple piece in everyone’s wardrobe, worn with nifty variations. Denim doesn’t die, it only fades. You can be the urban cowboy wearing a pair of boots with your flared jeans or look delicate in a pretty blouse and peg-legs. The versatility of denim has transcended generations of jean lovers (and the rare detester), making it the most worn fabric in the world, ever since its invention in France, when it was still called “nimmes”. Trends may come and trends may go, but denim goes on forever. It is something you can never wear too much of. Nor can you own too much of it. This makes it the safest bet for any moment in your life, for the young and reckless as well as the old and wise, be it having tea with friends, partying the weekend away or prom night. In a nutshell, denim defies age; it is ageless.

Tar's 'zine cover

I wrote this little piece for my friend Tar Enough, for his project, which was the creation of a fashion magazine for men. The pic above, is his cover page for the ‘zine. Doesn’t it look fresh and nice? I think he’s done a good job.

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