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And here comes another one of those overdue posts.

I customised this pretty pair of purple felt shoes for my friend Nivedita. I don’t think I’ve mentioned her before, have I? She has been my faithful sidekick  friend for many years now, 20 years to be precise and we’ve been through it all- sickness and health, good times and bad, and joy as well as sorrow. (Wedding vows?! -_- )

Anyway, back to the shoes. We went for a friend’s wedding in Bombay and what better excuse to shop? Wound up buying a whole bunch of things, including but not limited to, a pair of purple felt shoes… each. She contributed some old, unused charms and I some gems from my tweenage bedazzle kit which I went on the shoes and ta~da!

Untitled-2Items you’ll need:
A pair of shoes in your favorite color
Charms/ Pendants
Metal studs and Crystals
Strong adhesive/ hot glue gun
Tailor’s chalk

How to:
With the tailor’s chalk, mark where you want all your embellishments to go on the shoes. Glue away!



Shifting Skylines

I’m back. Again. Shamelessly trying to rebound onto the bloggers’ bandwagon. I feel like a tarnished relic right now. Well, what do you expect? The last 1 year, 8 months and 16 days saw me

  1. Land a fantastic job as a visual merchandiser.
  2. Get myself engaged to a gem of a man,
  3. And subsequently get married to. (Dreamy sighs)
  4. Travel around. (I love travelling and so does he!)
  5. Relocate to NYC (yea, NYC!!!)
  6. Figure out the annoyingly confusing subway routes. (I can’t call it the “tube” anymore :(..) (And what used to be /ɹuːt/, is now /ɹaʊt/).
  7. Travel around. (I got to visit Disneyland And the Niagara within a span of 3 weeks! The two are basically 3 Time-zones away for those who don’t know). A husband who acknowledges that I ain’t a diamonds and champagne kinda girl and instead spoils me with fun and bold experiences is most definitely a keeper! Don’t you agree? Life Is a chunky string of experiences after all.
  8. Work one cool internship.
  9. Work another super internship.
  10. And Finally sit down to write here.

Yes, life has been fine and dandy.
So here’s a neat piece as a toast to a fresh take, a new start to all of life’s wonderful beginnings.

The sari might be older than jeans or denim itself, but like all other things in life, there come crossroads in fashion too. Crossroads where fashionistas meet the fashionably challenged; fashion fumbles meet fashion hits and where East meets West. The turn of the century experienced whole saris of denim which turned out so tacky and with a drape so anomalous that the Indians turned their normally cordial noses, up at them. Lesson learned, the sari remained a sari till a few years ago, when designers mustered enough courage to amuse themselves again. This time, they succeeded. It was all about Layering saris over jeans. Have the best of both worlds doh.

Anyway, the concoction was a rage on the ramps and the nation lapped it up promptly but with no doubt, in good taste.

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Plush Claws

Well, well look who’s here with another post, already! It’s just that once I start blogging, I’m on a roll and stop only for inescapable circumstances. Keeping with my new found nail-art fascination and the NYFW of course, (I shouldn’t be called a fashion blogger if I don’t) here’s another little post I just Had to put up.

Nail art seems to be the new manna of fashion- sober and pretty or bright and OTT- on runways. Not. It’s instead, fast making its way onto the talons of girls and women off the ramp. Which is why the manifestation of oh-look-at-me nails at a few shows during NYFW came as a welcome time- out from all the ‘nudes’ (come now, I’m only talking about the tans, taupes and peaches of nail lacquer).

The designers who did break out of the mould and decided to show some creativity in terms of statement nails were few and far apart. And the velvet nails by Ruffian made my heart go sha-la-la-la all through the day! Who doesn’t love the feel of velvet? And velvet on nails? Those should undoubtedly be the queen of nails, zee ongles de luxe!

For a really simple DIY velveteen nails, all you need is clear varnish and some flocking material that you get in jars. Check out this really cool website to see how you can have your own little pieces of dreams on your fingertips.

And oh yes they ain’t gonna be the most practical, but who said fashion is practical anyway?

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Pricey Spatter

In desperate need of a conversation starter?

Alexander Wang, Sophie Theallet, and Billy Reid (all recipients of the annual CFDA/Vpgue Fashion Fund award) have just the thing for you. A beautifully virgin white T shirt, with… coffee stains and an almost camouflaged Starbucks logo. Intrigued? It’s what the designer trio have come up with, to commemorate 40 years of Starbucks selling their coffee, and slurpilicious caramel hot chocolate with the pile of whipped cream on top, to us hoi polloi. Sipping on it and munching on their chocolate chip muffins with Belgian choco sauce centre is pure, unadulaterated bliss. (sigh)

Sorry! I got a little carried away. Shell out a whopping $85 and the tee is all yours. Till then, here you go, gaze at a picture of it and if you think it’s your style, eat your heart out, cos your mama’s not gonna let you have it.

As for me, will I spend an 85-er for advertising Starbucks?

In my next lifetime, maybe…….. If I’m born with a head and no brains.

Besides, I hate coffee.

Um, I could do it for a lifetime supply of the hot chocolate..?

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The BGD- The Sequel

Remember I mentioned “perfume ad” in my previous post? That got the wheels in my head turning and I cornered a friend to do a couple of very simple edits for me. He agreed but begged me not to mention his name here. Modesty? Maintaining a low profile? Anyway, they’ve really turned out well and I’m also very pleased with his promptness in working on them and sending them in. Its amazing how the whole picture has been transformed to look like its an ad for Midnight Poison the latest of Dior’s perfumes in the Poison series.

First come the original advertisements with Eva Green (Green? More blue really) in the beautiful Dior dress.

And then, here comes our version with Parmesh in the gorgeous Silons dress.

With this will come the end of the series of images from my first shoot with my team Kumar Chan the tog and Afshan Tahir the MUA; Myra A’mani Khawaja and Parmesh Nijjar the models; Aravind Subramani the assistant photographer and the breathtaking garments by Silons, UK.

As Sephora says it, “From a mysterious, sensual fragrance, a new Cinderella is born” and as I’d say it, “From a fantastic, energetic team, many Cinderellas are born”! Stay tuned for more photos of lovely transformations!

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The BGD (Big Green Dress)

Beautiful Parmie in the beautiful green dress was shot swirling and twirling on the same day as my debut shoot as stylist. For this garment, we gave a flirty, seductive, perfume ad-sy feel with the slicked back wet hair, dark, smoky eyes and nude lips.

I love the pulsating high fashion vibe in all the photos and the fact that we’ve managed to get some breezy pictures with absolutely no wind at all!

Liked these? Have a look at the other pictures from the same shoot here, here and here.

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My First Shoot As Stylist! The Post Production

Today there’s some good news and bad news. The way I like it, I’m breaking the bad news first. I witnessed the untimely demise of my beloved laptop Annecto, when he started smoking from his charging socket. No need to despair though, here’s the good news, he is going to be visiting the surgeon soon and he’ll be whirring and clicking again! (Or so I hope)

And for those of you who are wondering, Annecto is Latin for “connect”. I named him that simply because, though I now live continents away, with him I Never have and never will miss home! You are missed Annecto.

To lift spirits up, here’s another good news..

Ladies and the smidgen of gentlemen who read my blog, here they are at last!  With great pride I present to you, The much awaited final edits of my trial as fashion stylist! (Wow! I could almost hear the drum-roll in the background when I said that).

The photos have been retouched by the photographer Kumar. Since I wanted the catalog look going, I asked for a completely plain white background. I’ll post some more retouched pictures later where he’s given some beautiful effects.

I loved everything about this shoot, right from the clothes, the make-up and the photos to the people, the atmosphere and the great team work! It was the very first time I met this amazingly talented group and not for a second did they dither to make me feel comfy at what I was doing. Thanks for everything guys and here’s to more such creative sessions! Cheers! x

(You can see the Making and Production of the shoot here)

P.S.: What do you think I should name this shoot? My mind draws a blank. The best name, from you readers will be featured in my next entry with due credit to the creative soul 🙂

P.P.S.: This isn’t the end of this session. Stay tuned for some more retouched images soon and you won’t be disappointed with the wait. This is a promise.

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My First Shoot As Stylist! The Production

A break, an intensive hunt (for pictures) and a sleepless night after, comes this post of some of the best raw images Kumar, the photographer clicked during my first session as stylist. Afshan and her magic wands have outdone themselves on the gorgeous models Myra and Parmesh to create stunning cat eyes, exaggerated cheek bones and hairdos that go from classic to funky!

Looking at such fine un-edits, I’m so excited, I can hardly sit in one place waiting for the final retouched photos to come to my mail!

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My First Shoot As Stylist! The Making

My first post in this latest category of mine, New Weaves where I blog about anything new I try.

A few days back was my first shoot where I got to be the stylist and act like I know it all! It was a colorful Asian party at the studio with all the pretty pink clothes (and one odd green one), jewelery and accessories from the fabulous Silons, Birmingham. A lot of laughter, gossip, Rihanna and exchange of tips and knowledge were the add-on features. We ran against time and squeezed in 4 of our best garments, Not that the others were any less beautiful. I bestow you with some backstage shots that’ll give you a sneak peek of what we were upto.

And I just realised, a glamorous, pink post for Valentine’s Day! Happy V Day!

You can see the two sequels to this entry here and here.

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