Nailed By The Heart

Happy Valentine’s! A small, quickie post on another of my new fav subjects, nails! (My other post is right here)

Ten healthy, fabulously (a tad garishly too, you could say) painted, super-long nails, just before this picture, received a merciless thrashing when their owner decided to go bowling and well, the rest is best left unsaid. Hence, the bitten down effect, but that didn’t hold me back. Delving into the depths of my cupboard, I discovered some long forgotten nail tattoos that my uncle dearest had gifted me when I was still a kid, skinny, bespectacled et al. So I put these ickle strawberry-like hearts on and right in time for Valentine’s Day too! Ain’t they cute?

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An Uncertain Witch

Hello ghosts, zombies and devils! Your day’s right around the corner! I’m thrilled, though I haven’t got anything down pat to wear yet.

Tut tut.

I can dream of a dozen characters I’d Love to be, like Wonder Woman for example, or a bloody snake charmer after his own pets turn against him, or, or a zombie cheerleader! Yea I know, but it’s funny how my creative juices ebb precisely when it comes round to thinking about a horrifyingly different costume to wear. Every year. This could be either,

  1. Because I, by no means, wanna rip my clothes n stain them red, (which is what Halloween demands), however prehistoric and faded they are.
  2. Because I think it’s an utter waste to squander away money on clothes that you’re never gonna wear again. Even if they’re from eBay.
  3. Because of the perpetual economic crunch in my personal finance department ‘cos I’m financially-challenged in terms of maintaining accounts and of course, my neurotic shopping disorder.

So, sighing to myself, I resigned to rummaging through the contents of my splitting-at-the-hinges-‘cos-I’m-a-shopaholic wardrobe and what materialized were, a fantastic red corset top, black fishnets and knee-high buckled, goth-ish black boots. A cut-price pointy hat, black skirt and broom(?) and clever makeup later, Sabrina, the teenage witch??? Or just plain witch?

30th October shall witness. And till then, I’m just gonna kick back and enjoy my Halloween cupcakes with jell-O worms on them!

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A Fine Day & Happy Threads

It’s a teeth- chattering 3◦C outside and I’m curled up in my warm, inviting snuggie thinking, “time for more sunny posts!” So here it is.

It was a gorgeous, sunlit morning and I was getting ready for office, but I couldn’t contain myself when the sun peeked through my curtains cheekily and I went overboard with the colors in my outfit! Thankfully though, I managed to tone down my bright blue vest, merry scarf and cheery wooden bangles with a simple yet cunningly crafted, black wrap-around skirt.

This skirt’s been with me for practically ages now (though I haven’t worn it much) simply because it is so unique and one-of-a-kind that, my heart would eat me up before it lets me give it away! Designers and brands whose names you can hardly pronounce, needn’t be the only ones to come up with ingenious cuts and drapes baby!

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Candied Nails

I thought I’d sunny things up a bit, now that everything’s  turning dull and wet after 7 glorious days of sunshine. I sat down to think of some of my favorite things and realized I was hungry (nothing new there). And I was craving something sweet and calorifying. And that would be chocolate. To be more precise, Smarties! Got myself a tube and had some. That done, I was bored cooped up indoors, so this is what I came up with!

It brightened my day for sure, Especially when my friends saw them and went “ewwwww”! Hah! 😀

And keeping with this inspiration, look what I found! A deliciously funky neck-piece from onchmovement!

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Pricey Spatter

In desperate need of a conversation starter?

Alexander Wang, Sophie Theallet, and Billy Reid (all recipients of the annual CFDA/Vpgue Fashion Fund award) have just the thing for you. A beautifully virgin white T shirt, with… coffee stains and an almost camouflaged Starbucks logo. Intrigued? It’s what the designer trio have come up with, to commemorate 40 years of Starbucks selling their coffee, and slurpilicious caramel hot chocolate with the pile of whipped cream on top, to us hoi polloi. Sipping on it and munching on their chocolate chip muffins with Belgian choco sauce centre is pure, unadulaterated bliss. (sigh)

Sorry! I got a little carried away. Shell out a whopping $85 and the tee is all yours. Till then, here you go, gaze at a picture of it and if you think it’s your style, eat your heart out, cos your mama’s not gonna let you have it.

As for me, will I spend an 85-er for advertising Starbucks?

In my next lifetime, maybe…….. If I’m born with a head and no brains.

Besides, I hate coffee.

Um, I could do it for a lifetime supply of the hot chocolate..?

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I’ve tucked myself into bed, munching on chocolate chip cookies dipped into a mug of steaming hot chocolate- a sinfully delightful yet terrifyingly calorific midnight snack. But being high and happy with all the choco-ness, I choose not to ruin an apology with an excuse.

To my dwindling number of readers- I’m sorry I haven’t been writing here for months, I was too busy relaxing and procrastinating on my fabulous 3.5 month long vacation in India and then just got busy chillin’ when I returned to UK. Alright, alright I was fundamentally jobless in both countries, but I demand to be let off the hook for the former, because it was vacation time with the familia, friends, amazing grub, wonderful touring and unending love leading to selective forgetfulness, i.e., maintaining a blog. For the remaining months, my bad. I promise I’ll give it my best shot to be more regular in future.

Whew, feigning sincere apologies is tough. Kidding. That said and done, my birthday this year was all of awesome-ness and more, with many, many surprises, cakes and gifts! I came back to Brummie and guess what? More surprises and presents! One sunny day I decided to go out and do what I do best- shopping, with my beautiful new Paul’s Boutique Molly and New Look cut-out shoes!

Ugh! Believe it or not, I’ve had a chocolate overdose (I forget to mention the KitKat I just gobbled up too). Need to get rid of the unwarranted sweetness. Now. Catch you at my next blog!

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Barbecue And A New Outfit

Winter’s passed and here’s Spring! A reawakening; a rebirth, of trees and plants stripped of green, of animals torpid and people of dry, monotonous lives.

“The heart is abloom; Shoots up through the stony ground”, there’s a song in it and tunes all around. (Well, the part in quotes is by U2 and then I made up that last bit)

Anyway, my friends and I had a barbeque party to greet this long awaited guest, who stays short but leaves memories that last long. While everyone tore at the poor, tortured chicken, I tamely had my BBQ’d mushrooms and peppers that were simply scrumptious. (If you didn’t already know, I have always been an eggitarian and always will be. Take that all you who thought I’d go UK and promptly turn into a meat devouring carnivore. And I’m not boring. At all.)

I digress. So here’s the fashion element, I’m going to India very soon, practically next week (eeek! I can’t wait) and I obviously have been shopping a lot for gifts (Ok, Mostly gifts) and I accidentally ended up buying this top and shorts and well, shoes. In my defence, the hat and tights and I are Old! Really.

I was fooling around with my camera (that I still don’t know to properly use) and managed to click these photos. I love the way the sparks from the BBQ grill made all those little squiggles (like a light painting!) and I also love the way the coal is burning purple!

Alright, alright here are photos of my new clothes!

Stat Thr3ads

Stat Threads in association with Facebook, is back after an epoch of styling posts here at Loose Threads. Afshan Tahir (remember her from my previous blog entries?) says,

“ To all the people who Exercise
And of course those who don’t….

1. If walking is good for your health, the postman would be immortal.
2. A whale swims all day, only eats fish, drinks water and is fat.
3. A rabbit runs and hops and only lives 15 years.
4. A turtle doesn’t run, does nothing .. yet lives for 450 years.

Sleep Well… EAT Well!!! ;-)”

After many years of existence, I finally find a non- dieting, no fuss, no frills, say-no-to-exercise activist, just like me! You go girl!

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The BGD- The Sequel

Remember I mentioned “perfume ad” in my previous post? That got the wheels in my head turning and I cornered a friend to do a couple of very simple edits for me. He agreed but begged me not to mention his name here. Modesty? Maintaining a low profile? Anyway, they’ve really turned out well and I’m also very pleased with his promptness in working on them and sending them in. Its amazing how the whole picture has been transformed to look like its an ad for Midnight Poison the latest of Dior’s perfumes in the Poison series.

First come the original advertisements with Eva Green (Green? More blue really) in the beautiful Dior dress.

And then, here comes our version with Parmesh in the gorgeous Silons dress.

With this will come the end of the series of images from my first shoot with my team Kumar Chan the tog and Afshan Tahir the MUA; Myra A’mani Khawaja and Parmesh Nijjar the models; Aravind Subramani the assistant photographer and the breathtaking garments by Silons, UK.

As Sephora says it, “From a mysterious, sensual fragrance, a new Cinderella is born” and as I’d say it, “From a fantastic, energetic team, many Cinderellas are born”! Stay tuned for more photos of lovely transformations!

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The BGD (Big Green Dress)

Beautiful Parmie in the beautiful green dress was shot swirling and twirling on the same day as my debut shoot as stylist. For this garment, we gave a flirty, seductive, perfume ad-sy feel with the slicked back wet hair, dark, smoky eyes and nude lips.

I love the pulsating high fashion vibe in all the photos and the fact that we’ve managed to get some breezy pictures with absolutely no wind at all!

Liked these? Have a look at the other pictures from the same shoot here, here and here.

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