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Winners Or Not, Its All About Their Threads

So the Oscars came and the Oscars went. And with them, came a bevy of stars in designs of fluttering silk, chiffon, velvet and organza that fill your dreams for nights on end and leave you aching for them like forever. Atleast for me they do ‘cos even if I tried, the most I could afford out of, say Tina Fey’s dress would be the dainty velvet band that hugs her waist. Anyway since I’m made of lusting material being a woman and a fashion loving one And an unaffordable designer-loving one at that, I’m just gonna show you what I think were some of the finest threads you could see at the 84th Academy Awards.

Since I just mentioned Fey, I think she deserves to go first because her dress was the most swoon-worthy. The actress looked ravishing in the only Carolina Herrera of the night (she was the Chosen One!) and the dress fit her like a dream. The detailing was minimal yet appealing.

Penelope Cruz, the gorgeous Spanish enchantress floated around in a dreamy gray Armani Prive number and brilliant Chopards on her ears, delicate neck and wrist. Pretty, yes; but just another garb of this season.

It seemed like a robust contest between Cameron Diaz’s Tiffany & Co million dollar rocks and  her million watt smile, when she shared a quick giggle with JLo onstage, that her  elegant Gucci dress seemed to pale in comparison!

Diaz’s co-presenter Jennifer Lopez took statuesque to a whole new level in her beautifully beaded and well-crafted, taupe Zuhair Murad number. A little OTT, but say it or not, the Oscars are all about the who’s- who and their dresses.

I loved Bo Derek’s dress just for the simplicity of it all, the clean lines and of course the most in-your-face factor, my favorite color Purple!

The big, floppy bow at her neck only heightened her charm when she announced that it was the first time she’d been asked to present an award, much to the mock chagrin of co-presenter Ben Stiller. Emma Stone was all of cuteness and more, like a cherry on your favourite cake, in her crimson Giambattista Valli Haute Couture resplendent gown. It was lovely to see how well the red of her dress worked with the red carpet!

Judy Greer proved herself to be in the loop with all the latest “It” styles, looking killer in a Monique Lhuillier. Who would’ve ever dreamt of passing off a sport luxe trend on the red carpet? Definitely a welcome change from all the breezy pastels flitting around this season.

Sandra Bullock claims she takes an eternity to pick out a dress for herself, but if the results are going to be as stunning as that night at the Oscars, take your time sweetie, we ain’t complaining. She glowed in a black, white and gold Marchesa gown that was just plain oh-so-loveliness!

Gwyneth Paltrow paired fashion with practicality and what do we get? A pristine white Tom Ford dress and a cape, to keep the bite of the chill from getting to her. The construction of the cape is simple yet amazing, its power shoulders making you sit up and take notice. It also makes men obey you, like she demonstrated with Robert Downing Jr.!

Angelina Jolie’s velveteen atrocity is definitely not worth a mention, but I had to include this snap too just to show what a “hot couple” actually means. (Dictionaries didn’t help until I was shown a picture of  Brangelina)

How could I forget dear Clooney and Stacy Keibler? He belies his age.

But here comes the ultimately delightful couple of them all- Miss. Piggy and Kermit the Frog of Muppets fame! Adding beauty to all her snout-y glory was a custom-made Zac Posen, topped off with  Christian Louboutin pumps and Fred Leighton jewellery! Kermit looked his handsomest best in a Brooks Brothers tux. A pretty dashing couple I must say. Giving the Beckhams a run for their money, eh?

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Heil Hitler!

Wake up in the morning and start Facebook-ing

Grab up the gossip, get an idea and start thinking

(ahem, this goes in the tune of Tick Tock. Get it?)

That’s exactly what I did this morn and ended up talking about Adolf Hitler with a friend, Ambika Udaikumar. That’s when I realised it’s been long since I gave even a vague, passing thought to The man. My last recollection of him dates back to when I studied about the Nazis and their horrific culture way back in my 10th grade. I realised that something should be done about it and settled for featuring him in my blog, because whatever said and done, he is still an inspiration for art and fashion and he deserves kudos just for that. His swastik was popularised so much at one point of time, it almost became as iconic as him. I found these interesting pictures and Had to post them here.

Barred for life

South Park!

Something that makes even the fuhrer look cute!

Here’s one more of those xkcd cartoons..

They’re hilarious! And if you’re wondering, yea, I’m almost addicted!

The military style screams of tough attitude with dark tones, epaulets, badges, gold buttons, bulky shoes and smart hats.

These are a few photos of my friend, Kiran’s take on the army style, about two years ago.

Aren’t they amazing? A pity I don’t have clearer pictures. Oh and he won the first place by the way.

Now for some military chic celebs…

Okay, I’m kinda obsessed with her, but you just got to hand it to her for carrying out any style with ease and panache!

Taylor Swift hater, Kanye West- he’s doing a good job too..

Of dressing up in style, that is.

Loving the gold and black

with that peek of grey!

All eyes on the All Saints boots

Finally before I say adieu today, here’s a little game to keep you occupied. It’s called….

Spot the Difference!

I just discovered that Mr. Hitler was a vegetarian! I never fathomed it with the way he used to mindlessly slaughter people. Talk about evil vegetarians…

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