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Shifting Skylines

I’m back. Again. Shamelessly trying to rebound onto the bloggers’ bandwagon. I feel like a tarnished relic right now. Well, what do you expect? The last 1 year, 8 months and 16 days saw me

  1. Land a fantastic job as a visual merchandiser.
  2. Get myself engaged to a gem of a man,
  3. And subsequently get married to. (Dreamy sighs)
  4. Travel around. (I love travelling and so does he!)
  5. Relocate to NYC (yea, NYC!!!)
  6. Figure out the annoyingly confusing subway routes. (I can’t call it the “tube” anymore :(..) (And what used to be /ɹuːt/, is now /ɹaʊt/).
  7. Travel around. (I got to visit Disneyland And the Niagara within a span of 3 weeks! The two are basically 3 Time-zones away for those who don’t know). A husband who acknowledges that I ain’t a diamonds and champagne kinda girl and instead spoils me with fun and bold experiences is most definitely a keeper! Don’t you agree? Life Is a chunky string of experiences after all.
  8. Work one cool internship.
  9. Work another super internship.
  10. And Finally sit down to write here.

Yes, life has been fine and dandy.
So here’s a neat piece as a toast to a fresh take, a new start to all of life’s wonderful beginnings.

The sari might be older than jeans or denim itself, but like all other things in life, there come crossroads in fashion too. Crossroads where fashionistas meet the fashionably challenged; fashion fumbles meet fashion hits and where East meets West. The turn of the century experienced whole saris of denim which turned out so tacky and with a drape so anomalous that the Indians turned their normally cordial noses, up at them. Lesson learned, the sari remained a sari till a few years ago, when designers mustered enough courage to amuse themselves again. This time, they succeeded. It was all about Layering saris over jeans. Have the best of both worlds doh.

Anyway, the concoction was a rage on the ramps and the nation lapped it up promptly but with no doubt, in good taste.

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It was our official last day at university. I’m guessing our official last day of summer too.

As far as I can remember, all days after that started to get gloomily dark and squelchy wet, which subsequently had its fingerprints on me too, turning me from a cheerful lassie to a spiritless woman. Anyway, when I was busy wallowing in the mess that was me, I unearthed these pictures that were taken out on the afore mentioned final day of multi-cultural, productive merriment that was university.

Amy, Claire et moi were footing it out to COW Vintage Store (this is what I say we did there and this is what Amy says we did there!) when we were suddenly faced by this grande, old warehouse that was covered from ingress to egress in graffiti! The paintings were so electrifyingly colourful and before you could say “fashion blog”, Claire and Amy had whipped out their cameras (Claire had this really cute vintage one on her) and put them to use.

I think we got some really good snaps, all our outfits were colourful enough to vie with the graffiti! Mes amies were in all their vintage glory right from their oversized glares, the sweet floral dresses, down to their tan brogues. And oh yeah, there was me with my blue stripped sleeve top, skinny jeans and black shoes, I hope you’re reading this Amy, a charity shop find!

J’adore this image, the girls are rocking their newly coloured ginger and copper tresses!

For a more “fashionable” take on the day pop over to Amy’s blog, Vintage Reflection and read up!

Photographs by Amy Purfield- Clark

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Sunshine In My Soul

This very aptly named styling shoot was made by my stylist friend, where she has brought together 7 looks for the most eagerly awaited time of the year, Summer!

(I wrote this like a narrative by her)

The Look

I looked out of my window and saw a bright, sunny day. Twittering birds, flowers in bloom, the smell of freshly mown grass. It may sound clichéd, but Spring is truly beautiful. With sunlit joy in mind, I thought up of this sweet shoot for S/S 2010 which ties together 7 simple yet smart looks for the week. Little Miss Sunshine may be chic one day, candied another and glammed up on yet another day. Whatever she dresses in, the fashionista never goes wrong without a single strand out of place.

Style Patrol

With the sun on my back and a song in my heart I set off armed with sunblock, shades and camera to hunt down my prey- the niftily dressed of Birmingham- and photograph them. Breathing in inspiration from the best pictures, I set about brainstorming styling ideas and visualising them through this cute virtual game where I can make dolls wear clothes of my choice.

(Here are the names and descriptions I came up with for each look. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to put up the pics here. (I really think she’s done an amazing job though))

Pretty Chic(k)

Normally a demure miss, she sometimes likes to reveal the tough girl in her with multiple chains and glares.

Denim n’ Roses

Togged up in strappy top and skirt with comfy shoes and a backpack, she’s all set to hit the road.


The attractive girl next door goes stylish in pink, as pretty as the white rose in her tresses.

Blue For Life!

Blue’s the way to go with this ensemble, accessorised with bowler hat and a stack of bangles.

Timelessly young

She shows you how to work the vintage inspired styling in pastels, browns and gold.

Solstice Love!

Cheery yellow sandals and bag brighten up this garment, perfect for a walk in the park with the one she loves.

I Heart Spring

A cropped, feminine top works well with skinny jeans, glammed up with metallic blue.

The shoot has a light and effortless feel and the results are striking! Plus, I loved the model too. She fits into her role of the sassy lassie, like a glove.

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