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Plush Claws

Well, well look who’s here with another post, already! It’s just that once I start blogging, I’m on a roll and stop only for inescapable circumstances. Keeping with my new found nail-art fascination and the NYFW of course, (I shouldn’t be called a fashion blogger if I don’t) here’s another little post I just Had to put up.

Nail art seems to be the new manna of fashion- sober and pretty or bright and OTT- on runways. Not. It’s instead, fast making its way onto the talons of girls and women off the ramp. Which is why the manifestation of oh-look-at-me nails at a few shows during NYFW came as a welcome time- out from all the ‘nudes’ (come now, I’m only talking about the tans, taupes and peaches of nail lacquer).

The designers who did break out of the mould and decided to show some creativity in terms of statement nails were few and far apart. And the velvet nails by Ruffian made my heart go sha-la-la-la all through the day! Who doesn’t love the feel of velvet? And velvet on nails? Those should undoubtedly be the queen of nails, zee ongles de luxe!

For a really simple DIY velveteen nails, all you need is clear varnish and some flocking material that you get in jars. Check out this really cool website to see how you can have your own little pieces of dreams on your fingertips.

And oh yes they ain’t gonna be the most practical, but who said fashion is practical anyway?

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