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WMD, Amy Purfield- Clark

WMD: Pronunciation:/dʌbljuːɛmˈdiː/


            Women of mass destruction.

An ode to all those ladies who could shoot you down with their killer style quotients. To those who pass you like a puff of fresh air, brightening up your day and many days after. To those who make you turn around for a second glance and consequently drive you to ogle at them shamelessly. If looks could kill, then they’d have you down in minutes. No scratch that. Seconds is all they need. I proudly present to you a bunch of my friends who live up to being WMD everyday of their lives. Here’s one of them.

Ever had one of those random people who flitted into your life to do you all the timely good that you need and just as smoothly fly out once their guardian angel work is over? Amy Purfield Clark of Vintage Reflection, is one such fine soul who besides helping me with various fashion travails (read: creating a Vintage Convert) and helping me start this very blog, also taught me I could wear the sunniest floral for winter and the dullest grey for summer with head held high and without having to come under the critical nose of the fashion police.

Fittingly titled “The Vintage Goddess”, (yea I call her that) Amy loves mixing it up with elements of our modern world which is why one day you’d see her having a mooch around in a thrift store and an another day at Topshop/ Urban Outfitters/ H&M. Normally, a fall-in-love-at-first-sight person (did that happen with Dave? (wink)..) she’s trying a nouvelle approach now, of waiting to see if she can’t get her mind off those oh-so-Americana-vintage cat’s eye sunglasses and then scoots back to buy them! I guess this is a  must-hear idea for all the shopaholics out there like me!

A few photos of the lovely lady herself working her granny chic look.

Images courtesy: Vintage Reflection

For more brilliant photos on chic looks, catch Amy at Vintage Reflection.

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It’s Spring! Smile :)

I can remember my last two Springs in England. Flamboyant splashes of color litter hedges, sidewalks, parks and trees. While days get longer with the sun awakening to beam down on its people. When people actually look cheerful getting out of their cozy beds in the early hours to rush to offices and schools and universities. When their bulky coats and scarves and boots in quadruple layers gracefully give way to more compact cardigans and breezy stoles and sandals. That time of the year that makes you smile a smile, that comes from the heart ‘cos you know Spring is here and it’s here to stick around for a while.

Kate Middleton has set the perfect start, welcoming Spring with a fine dose of goodness. She made her first ever public speech today, at the opening of the Treehouse Children’s Hospice in Ipswich, England. The Duchess turned up, fresh as the first daisy of Spring, in a striking cobalt blue coat-dress. Don’t we all know by now, of her undying love affair with coat-dresses? But, two daring moves from her side:

  1. That bold color she wore, that made everyone want to turn their backs on their monotonously coloured wardrobes and splurrrrge to start afresh.
  2. That Reiss dress Kate had on, has already been worn by her mother to Ascot! Now this, had everyone wanting to raid their moms’ wardrobes for some hidden away gem of an outfit.

All in all, very elegant, very chic. A high-five to the Duchess for being gutsy and taking “family swishing” (as quoted by Mirror) to a whole new level!

(Kate Middleton’s pictures courtesy: Styleite)

I just had to add Google’s latest doodle for Spring Equinox by Marimekko, a Finnish fabrics and fashion company titled very simply, “First Day of Spring”. How quaint is it?

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